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From Ties to Stripe

Everybody has their 15 minutes of fame. Even Richard, our MD!!!

We at Secure Payment Solutions have been selling card payment solutions for a few years now. What we notice is that we are offered more and more opportunities to talk about our business and what we do. Back in May, our MD Richard Dickety was invited to be on the Kent Biz Connect Radio show hosted by Brian Wakefield of BBN, and Martin White of Supply My Business. Both of whom are extremely eminent Kent networkers. Richard was a joined as a guest on the show by the beautiful Amanda O’Reilly.  Amanda is one of Kent’s most successful style and confidence coaches.

Not surprisingly the conversation veered from style and fashion to payments and back again. We talked about the declining use of ties in Men’s fashion, to the growing use of innovative payment gateways in e-Commerce. We discuss vendors like NetPay, PayPal and Stripe. There’s even a few tunes thrown in!

Why not give it a listen by clicking on the picture above…

With thanks to Brian Wakefield of BBN Business Networking

With thanks to Martin White of Supply My Business