The UK Takeaway Sector… Excitement Fuelling Growth

Bust those queues with integrated tills, ordering apps & kiosks, and card payments

A Bit About The Market

The UK takeaway sector in 2019 was valued by IBIS in 2019 at £19bn, from just over 52,000 outlets, and employed a few thousand shy of 400,000 people.

Are We Just Lazy?

At a time where money is scarce it is curious that we will spend £5 on a milkshake and £10 on a burger (have you been to Five Guys lately!?!). We then get it delivered to home where we can make it ourselves for a couple of quid. Our capacity for laziness knows no boundaries it seems! But we have only to watch the ad breaks during Saturday night “event” TV to realise that there is much more going on than that.

Craving For Excitement

Of course lives are getting busier. Also the news gets more and more depressing, and at the same time it feels like we have fewer spare pennies to spend on luxuries, which makes it all feel that little bit worse. Yet the demand to be excited and entertained will always exist. Life’s pressures just means that people are seeking refuge more and more in their own homes to achieve the buzz that once upon a time would have been found by taking the family out to a nice bar or restaurant. Maybe even a night at the cinema or if you were feeling really opulent, a train into town for a show.

Let’s Stay At Home!

But it feels like the opportunity to do these things nowadays are few and far between. The TV ads’ focus much on the excitement that a takeaway generates. Making that spontaneous decision, the abundance of choice and the menus at our disposal via so many apps, not just those annoying leaflets that drop through our doors. Making our selections and then sitting in eager excitement until that highly anticipated knock on the door results in Harry Maguire and other famous footballers jumping over hedges as we watch unknown people dressed as trees sing 70’s hits on the telly. Now that’s Saturday night!!!!

Technology Is The Enabler

But what is driving it? Well technology of course. Constantly updated menus, in-store kiosk or app ordering from home means that the various ways that we can order food offers almost as much choice as the menus themselves. Which are likely to be updated every few weeks to keep up with ever-changing tastes and demands. Does anybody still use the telephone I wonder!?!

Get Involved Local Corner Takeaway Shops!

If you operate in this sector, you may think that such technology is only available to the big boys. Well it’s not, it’s available to every corner takeaway in the country.

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