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What Are We Doing to Support Customers Through COVID-19?

NetPay COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 is affecting us all. Hopefully, you are staying well, but it is certain that your business has been affected. So we are working extremely hard in conjunction with our ISO partner NetPay to support you and your business.

This is what we can offer…

  1. NetPay is Removing minimum monthly transaction charges
  2. Offering you the option to reduce terminal charges by deferring up to 95% of terminal rental through April and May as a minimum
  3. Financial support to pubs, bars, restaurants, fast food outlets, gyms, private hire/taxi firms who are finding new ways to do business. You will be able to claim up to £20 rebate on transaction fees
  4. Increasing the Mastercard/Visa/Diners/Amex contactless transaction limit from £30 to £45
Your card terminal should update automatically to enable this higher transaction limit. If not you will be sent information separately to run the update manually if you wish
Contact Secure Payment Solutions to discuss our  NetPay COVID-19 Support options today