Support and Retail Card Payments

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Taking card payments in a retail environment, be it a shop, bar, restaurant, car showroom or whatever, is vital to the day-to-day functioning of that business. Take that facility away, and trading normally becomes significantly more difficult, if not impossible.

As part of my work, I make it my business to talk to many shop owners about business support, and hopefully without being disrespectful, I find it surprising how many people do not know who they would call in the event of a breakdown of this business critical service.

I am one of the biggest advocates of remote, cloud-based technology, and the benefits that it brings to us all as consumers and business owners. One of the main benefits is how it enables support providers to “dial-in” to computers and technological devices in order to diagnose, and hopefully fix, problems. It keeps costs down, and the time that it takes to fix a problem can be minimised, in most cases.

But what about in the case of a hardware failure? Or if you are in the midst of your busiest shift?

It may be that the shop owner, bar manager or dealer manager is simply too busy to spend time on the phone with a support-desk to assist in diagnosing the problem. And what if it is decided that a new widget is needed to fix it? At that point, you really just need a friendly, qualified face, armed with a toolbox and a replacement if all else fails, to turn up in a timely fashion to sort the problem. Right?

Well I certainly believe so. There are many people in the world who’s natural inclination will always be such that they can and will want to fix the problem, or at least try, when one arises. And that they don’t need support from anybody else. But¬†would any reasonable person really choose to venture out in car without insurance, even if they were a qualified motor engineer? Put aside the fact that it is against the law, there are many times when events conspire against us to cause issues that we could never have foreseen, due to circumstances that are simply beyond our control. Don’t forget too that there will always be 3rd parties that are going to be affected too, such as your staff, other stakeholders in the business… and ultimately your bottom line.

It is true that any support service of this kind is going to cost, but consider this. What is the likely impact of not being able to take card payments on your busiest trading day of the year? Or what would you pay to someone in a panic if they had a spanner, screwdriver and the expertise to help and were in your bar on New Year’s eve at 11pm when your card machine packs up?

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If you would like to find out what SPS can offer when all else fails, click on the button below..

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