Supermarkets… Do they really provide value?


I posted something via my Twitter and FB last week talking about the link between BOGOF (buy one get one free) supermarket offers, and food waste. If you want to read it follow this, but not surprisingly, it is just the supermarkets saying that of course there cannot possibly be any link between these offers and the mountain of food that gets wasted every year.

Food waste is just one of my pet hates.  I was born late into a post-war generation of parents that just didn’t let anything go to waste.  My Mum would re-hash, recycle and re-use everything, be it food or packaging, old wall-paper, shirts (they made great dusters) and so on.  In fact I have long felt that the reason that I have such a healthy appetite for pretty much anything is the fact that I was constantly fed the dregs of just about anything that was left in the back of the fridge, no matter what was growing on it, every weekend.  By the way, don’t get me onto sell-by dates.

But as usual I digress somewhat, my point is simply the extent to which supermarkets go to prise our hard-earned cash off us, whether it is stuff we need or not, all under the guise of “value”.  Well I’m sorry, if I’m buying 2 packets of crisps for the same price as one, obviously yes I am getting more, but the point is do I need it?  If I am buying fresh fruit or vegetables fair enough, but even then, there is only so much that I can consume in a certain time-scale.  And if I don’t consume it by the “sell-by” date, surely I will die of food poisoning the minute I go over that revered date (like I said, don’t get me on sell-by dates)?

And another thing, I’m sorry but I just don’t trust the supermarkets not to have loaded extra margin into the price of a single unit (raised the price, reduced the unit volume), and then position it as BOGOF.

In the end, I just feel that I am being persuaded to buy more than I need, if I open that second bag of crisps when I shouldn’t, the chances are that it is going to do nothing for my waistline or my arteries, and it will probably end up in the bin anyway.

So what is my point?  Ultimately, get rid of loyalty programmes, get rid of price promotions and offers, just give me good value produce and low prices every time I come in.  Without the frills.  I don’t think that I am the only person that feels like this, and is undoubtedly why Aldi and Lidl are doing so well at the moment.  When I go to Aldi, I simply spend less money, on decent quality products, and come away with exactly what I went for, rather than a load of “value” offers that will probably end up rotting in my bin.

No frills and transparency, that’s really all I want.