Smart Card Payment Machines. 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Entertain Old-Fashioned PDQ Card Payment Machines Any More

Smart Card Payment Machines

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Smart Card Payment Machines And Not Entertain Old-Fashioned PDQ Card Payment Machines Any More

What do we mean by a “Smart” card payment machine?

In a nutshell we mean a purpose-built payment terminal that will do more than just one thing. Taking a payment is still the most important thing that a Smart machine does. But adding a screen, a processor and an open operating system means you can effectively run your whole business with it.

It will help you to run your hospitality business cleaner, more efficiently AND improve the overall customer experience. Here’s how…

  1. Allow Customers to order and pay at their table using a single device
  2. Print a table receipt from the payment machine, at the table
  3. Attach complete payment history to a customer CRM record. Automatically
  4. Send table reservation reminders via SMS
  5. Record the customer’s birthday while you are taking their order

So, no more hunting for a card machine when your customer is ready to pay or running back and forth looking for chits of paper.

One small handheld device can manage your whole café, with a few tables and a simple floor plan.

Or they can be used within a large establishment turning over hundreds of covers every night. With the “maître d’” managing the restaurant at the bar via a tablet sized screen, while waiting staff retrieve individual table information in front of the customer.

All for much the same price as an old fashioned PDQ. So why wouldn’t you get a Smart machine?

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