Pay at Table must now become Order at Table

Pay at Table solutions have been around for some time, but as we all know too well COVID-19 has changed everything. And that includes the benefit of this now (what suddenly looks like) rather dated technology.

Where has COVID-19 Left Pay at Table?

Prior to COVID-19, there were multiple technologies available that would enable a credit or debit card payment to be taken from a diner while they are still seated at their table. Some even allowed the restaurant to print the dinner receipt via the PDQ machine at the same time as the payment is made via a card payment machine, also still at the diner’s table.

Nice technology and very slick from a process and efficiency point of view, but in the post-COVID new normal the benefit of this clearly significantly reduced to both the restaurateur and diner.

COVID-19 and the Decline of the Dining Experience

Sadly, the dining experience is one of the things that has become most severely impacted by the pandemic. Sanitisation on arrival, giving your personal details in case you need to be contacted as part of the government’s Track & Trace program, and certainly no congregating in groups of more than 6. It is enough to make you want to cry into your soup.

But We Still Want to Go Out!

  1. However, the success of the UK government’s “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme has made us all realise that the appetite (pardon the pun) to eat out is still there, if…
    The price and overall “offer” are right; and…
  2. Diners can be convinced that the environment is clean and safe.

The Problem

Multiple contacts by many people on menus or a device such as a card payment machine is a highly likely point of cross-contamination. Even if contactless payments are encouraged, staff must handle menus and manually input payment amounts into the till, EPoS or PDQ machine.

But what if we could get rid of the need for both a paper menu and a card payment machine in one fell swoop?

The Solution

How is that possible? By allowing the diner to connect to the restaurant’s ordering system via their own smartphone and paying at the same time. Yes, whilst already sat at their table. All the restaurant staff need to do is bring the food to the table. Or employ a collection system?

Cleaner Faster Food and Payment

I have seen this technology recently and it allows a restaurant to print a QR code to be mounted on a table within a seating plan. Scanning the QR code using the camera app on the phone allows a menu to be immediately brought up by the diner on their smartphone. It also allows the restaurant to know where the food is to be taken on their seating plan. And it means the customer can pay for their order at the same time, also via their Smartphone, of course.

How clean, green, and convenient is that?

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