This is Why Secure Payment Solutions Believes in Community Shops

Shop local to save our community shops

Shopping locally makes sense for many reasons. But for me, it makes sense simply because I was raised in a thriving rural community in the 70’s and 80’s. Quainton The village of Quainton, nestled just off the A41 between Bicester and Aylesbury, had 4 pubs, a Post Office, an independent “Village Store” selling groceries, a…

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How Smart Loyalty Can Work for Small Independent Retailers

Loyalty programs have been around for many years. From old fashioned rubber stamps, through magnetic stripe cards, to loyalty apps. We are constantly reminded that they will give shoppers big discounts, and that they will keep customers flocking back to the shops and bars that operate them. In reality though they are not as simple…

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Can Technology Save Our Community Shops?

We believe that shopping local and supporting independent community shops and merchants is more important than ever. Here’s why, and how we can help. Why Shop Local? We wrote an article on the subject last month, which you can read here. But to summarise, here’s the 5 reasons that we cited in that article… Its…

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2 UK Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Way in Making Payments Greener

climate friendly consumer

We all want to be climate-friendly consumers, right? So, would you like to understand the impact that your spending is having on the environment? Well now you can! Thanks to a UK start-up that has spent years developing a very clever app which you can sign-up for using the link below. Moreover, your carbon footprint will automatically…

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The Carbon Footprint of Cash is Going To Be Significantly Reduced in the UK

Several large UK financial institutions have joined forces in an initiative to reduce the environmental damage caused by the cash carbon footprint The amount of single use plastic and carbon that needs to be burnt both to manufacture and transport cash throughout its lifecycle is significant. Electricity powered cash dispensing machines are also a culprit…

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