Kent Businesses: Review Your Card Processing Costs Now!


With many things in life, I am a great believer in that old addage… “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Well, yes but…

What if, as a merchant processing card payments every day in your business, your bank is creaming off more in transaction charges than they should be in what is an increasingly competitive market?

What if your terminal is old, and broke tomorrow? What if they are charging you for things that you weren’t aware of, or don’t understand, or things that you simply shouldn’t be being charged for anyway?

What if your terminal is no longer compliant to industry regulations… and exposes you to risk of fine because of that?

What if some smarty pants wanders in off the street bleating on about “contactless payments” waving a card with a funny logo or a mobile phone at you and says they simply have got the tiiiiime to stick their card in a machine and tap in a PIN number?

In some ways my point relates to others I raised in my blog covert practices but ultimately if you are a merchant and have been using a card payment services company for over 2 years you are probably being charged over the odds for transactions, and you may well not be PCI DSS compliant… and that will be costing you significant amounts of money. As well as exposing you to the risk of fine.

I can review how you currently process transactions, and make recommendations as to how you can become PCI DSS compliant, and ultimately save you money and reduce your exposure to risk. If you are interested contact me via my company web-site by clicking here.