Integrated ePOS and Merchant Services. The Benefit for Merchants


1. You Can Serve More Customers

A modern ePOS solution will enable you to serve more people with the same resources. How? By shaving small amounts of time off lots and lots of tasks. Here’s a few examples…

  • send an order from the table directly to the kitchen using electronic input devices;
  • receive immediate feedback from the kitchen whilst at the table, e.g. “just cooked the last steak”;
  • close off the table AT the table using an integrated card machine. Split the bill, print a complete order and VAT receipt and take a contactless payment with the same device.


2. Modern ePOS Occupy Less Space

In busy retail and hospitality environments, space=money. Modern systems are designed to maximise the space available by integrating all peripherals to take up as little surface area as possible.


3. Buying Merchant Services and ePOS Hardware & Software TOGETHER Can Provide You With A Completely FREE Hardware Upgrade

Your core business is selling goods and services. Having the latest ePOS will enable you to sell more, quicker and better. Which of course comes at a cost.

Merchant services, however, are a pure cost of doing business. But if a supplier can offer you significant savings on your merchant services, whilst also offering all of the other benefits of a single integrated merchant and ePOS solution, the savings gained from your merchant account can be used to off-set the cost of buying the hardware and software.


4. A Modern ePOS Will Enhance The Overall Appearance of Your Environment

You have spent a lot of money making your customer environment look and feel great. It’s stylish, modern, cool and innovative. Surely the core system that you use to carry out your business transactions should reflect that too?


5. It Will Improve Your Customer Experience

Saving your staff time, improving their responsiveness to customer orders and needs, reducing waiting times and enabling customers to spend more time eating and drinking at tables with friends and family, all adds up to a significantly better customer experience.

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