Do I Need a New EPoS In My Business?

A shiny new EPoS (or till) system can look really cool and stylish. But it needs more than a pleasant aesthetic to justify a 4-figure financial outlay

EPoS systems, or “tills” to use old-fashioned parlance, have moved on a hell of a long way in the last 5 years. Once upon a time they were used for little more than totalling cash payments and reconciling sales. But now they can incorporate Customer Reward Programmes, stock, inventory & supplier management and of course integrate directly with card payment machines. Meaning reconciliation with EVERY sale made can be done through the till. Not just cash ones.

But what is the ultimate BENEFIT? Well in my opinion, it’s your TIME.

Let’s face it, retail and hospitality businesses are operating in a tough environment right now. Achieving footfall, enticing customers through your door, then convincing them to part with their hard-earned pounds, shillings and pence is hard enough. Let alone working out how to give them that all important “experience” that will make them want to come back again and again.

The business side of things really needs to run itself. That’s the beauty of a fully integrated EPoS system that has been properly planned and implemented. Running set reports will let you know exactly where you are with stock and inventory. New products can be entered quickly and easily via your tablet or smartphone. Keep a handle on staff performance. Make sure the correct VAT codes are set for hot, cold and ambient food.

All of the above can save so much time in terms of managing the fundamentals of running any pub, bar or restaurant.

Tax Made Digital: How Can an EPoS System Help?

Moreover, some EPoS software will now integrate with popular accounting packages like Xero and QuickBooks. This means that the process of submitting your VAT return can effectively be managed through your till and submitted seamlessly to HMRC. Invaluable when all VAT returns will have to be returned digitally in 2019.

The benefit being that publicans and restaurateurs can spend time planning menus, thinking of ideas for new and exciting events or establishing relationships with local suppliers of fine artisan produce.

Rather than crunching numbers.

Talk to us if you are a Kent business who would like a completely managed EPoS system, set up and implemented for you and your business only. We have hardware and software to suit every varying requirement and budget.