How Smart Loyalty Can Work for Small Independent Retailers

Loyalty programs have been around for many years. From old fashioned rubber stamps, through magnetic stripe cards, to loyalty apps. We are constantly reminded that they will give shoppers big discounts, and that they will keep customers flocking back to the shops and bars that operate them. In reality though they are not as simple and effective as they should be. But Smart Loyalty is different.

Do Loyalty Schemes Overpromise?

Yet we hear many objections to offering loyalty programs and rewards from independent retailers.

  • They are complex to manage!
  • My margins are too tight!
  • It doesn’t make people come back!
  • Customers take rewards for granted!
  • Shoppers don’t want another card in their purse or an app on their phone!

But Loyalty Programs Have Moved On

It’s true, loyalty schemes used to be clunky. Stamping cards is completely old hat, magnetic stripe cards are dated and clog up peoples’wallets. Even loyalty apps are getting annoying.

Times have changed.

Your Customers’ Debit Cards Can Be YOUR Loyalty Cards

Setting up a loyalty scheme is now as simple as logging onto an online portal, and applying your own brand and colour palette to a template. Set up a few conditions (basically spend threshold and timescales) and send it to your Smart Card Payment machine. So Smart Loyalty, in other words.

You could set a minimum spend of £10, and when a customer makes that spend, get the card machine to ask the customer to “join” the program. The customer’s credit or debit card is then “stored” (using secure tokenisation) to recognise future purchases from that card.

If the spend threshold is hit again by that card within the required time-frame, the “stamped” loyalty card pops up momentarily on the screen. Showing how many visits are needed before any reward is redeemed.

Reward Customers with Cash. Quick and Easy

When the pre-requisite number of visits are made with the specified spend, the reward is automatically redeemed to the customer by giving a discount off their latest purchase.

More complex scenarios can be created, even using gaming scenarios for restaurant environments, but we feel that simple is beautiful. Reward customers with cash for making repeated visits of a certain spend, keeping your “basket” value high and making sure that customers come back… to you. What could be easier?

Smart Loyalty is Modern, it’s Current and it’s Easy for Everyone

Loyalty cards, even apps, are too bulky or require too many clicks for our convenience fuelled, busy lives.

Just give your best customers cash for the fact that they keep coming back to you, and for spending the amount that you need them to, to make me them a good, valuable customer.

Smart Loyalty Keeps Small Independents Competitive

Smart Card payment machines make Smart Loyalty easy for small independent retailers. If you are not sure what a Smart Card payment machine looks like, just read our blog by clicking here.

It’s another example of the kind of technology that is available to help small, independent merchants to compete in the increasingly bitter battle against Big Tech and Venture Capitalist funded delivery apps. If you are not sure what we mean by this please read our blog here.

That’s why we are throwing our weight behind the initiative to Shop Local. Because we believe that our communities need small, independent community shops, bars and restaurants… and we’re out to save them.

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