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We will save you money with straightforward, clear advice.

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SPS has over 15 years experience of supporting clients to understand complex business billing, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to save money. SPS will never charge for our advice around saving you money on card processing, and your wider banking charges and costs.
Moreover, to enable SPS to deliver a wider cost review, we have a formal associate relationship with Bank Brokers UK Ltd.
Bank Brokers’ cost reduction service includes a thorough analysis of clients’ current banking arrangements and set-up, and the subsequent renegotiation process.
The analysis gives clients a comprehensive insight into their current banking arrangements, where prices and fees and margins are benchmarked against their own client database of over 2,000 companies.

Secure Payment Solutions empowers business owners to save money on card processing charges by providing clear insight and better solutions, so they can stop wasting money on banking fees and be confident they are maximising their profits

Use our expertise to take control of all of your business banking costs

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