Why Can’t You Take Card Payments Anywhere?


SPS was recently followed on Twitter by a company setting up an interesting exhibition at Battle Abbey in East Sussex, called Artisans at the Abbey, over the Easter holiday. For more information go to their Facebook page by following this link.

It caught my eye mostly because of the sheer integrity of the event, located at the historic Abbey close to the original site of the Battle of Hastings, showcasing ceramics, fine arts, furniture and jewellery by people dedicated to their craft, from the UK and doubtless far beyond.

But it also struck me because at the same time it has to be an event driven by commercial reality. This was proven when I went to their impressive web-site, and saw that it has sponsorship from very noteworthy and noble organisations such as English Heritage and the Pure Arts group.  And of course pitches will have to be paid for and exhibitors will want to recoup at least the cost of that to make it worth their while exhibiting.

So, let me get to my point… how will payments be taken?  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that each and every exhibitor will have the capability to manage taking payments in a completely secure manner, but what if the infrastructure at the ancient abbey does not facilitate that?  Power points are likely to be scarce. Can broadband be provided? Wi-Fi even? Thick stone walls are notoriously good at keeping out modern mobile phone signals from even the most mobile of iZettle payment solution, even if they weren’t so good at keeping out William the Conqueror. Apologies for the inaccurate historical reference, but I hope that I have made my point!

So does it mean going back to keeping cash in a biscuit tin or a lockable metal case for some exhibitors in particularly far flung corners?  Not that either is necessarily a bad solution but what happens when inevitably someone is desperate to make a purchase of a particularly unique piece, and produces their Visa Credit card expectantly in order to do so? And has no cash?  And so wants to take it away today!  Does the exhibitor you really want to risk losing that sale?

I do not propose to have the answer to all of these scenarios by any means, but with a bit of planning before-hand it is possible to have a solution for virtually every single exhibitor to be able to take a credit or debit card payment there and then in some way.

And therein lies the true benefit of mobile payment solutions.  The ability to be able to take a secure card payment any time, any where.

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