Can Technology Save Our Community Shops?

We believe that shopping local and supporting independent community shops and merchants is more important than ever. Here’s why, and how we can help.

Why Shop Local?

We wrote an article on the subject last month, which you can read here. But to summarise, here’s the 5 reasons that we cited in that article…

  1. Its environmentally friendly
  2. You will discover local delicacies
  3. It will keep your community connected
  4. You can explore a rich diversity of products and ingredients
  5. It will help us all to stay abreast of community news and events

Please do comment if you think that we have missed out something important!

I Can’t Afford to Shop Local

Big supermarkets and technology companies supported by Venture Capitalists and by £bn budgets sometimes make it hard for us to Shop Local.

Money is tight and we are all busy… discount retailers save us time and money. Sometimes we just need to do a “big supermarket shop” to save time in our busy weekly schedules.

Sometimes Shopping Local Is the Best Option

But in every week, it is almost certain that we will run out of something.

It might be bread, milk or flava beans.

It’s then that the choice to shop local can be a genuinely good option. It will save carbon emissions and reduce wear and tear on your car. Why not take the time to explore your local shop while you are there? Or check out community events?  Maybe there are other exotic ingredients that they stock that you didn’t know about? Buying those items on the day you need will probably keep them fresher? And won’t clog up your fridge! And will reduce waste?

You might even bump into somebody that you haven’t seen in a while you are there!

The Alternatives Are Dire

Although we at Secure Payment Solutions are huge fans of technology, it is not always used to the benefit of our communities. You can see what we mean by reading our article here.

In short, many rich investors see an opportunity in fuelling our thirst for convenience and saving time. But at the expense of local community shops.

This is because their business model is to buy up local shop space and use them as “fulfilment” hubs. Or warehouses. They will then encourage us to download apps that can get items delivered more quickly than it takes us to get to a local shop and back.

Can you imagine your local shop being a blacked-out space with just bike riders going in and out to deliver groceries in the area? It sounds like something out of Bladerunner to me, especially as riders will be replaced by drones and robots soon.

Technology Should Be Used to Help Our Community Shops Thrive

Only this morning I have seen a new app that aims to connect community shoppers to local shops. This it does by enabling small shop shops to offer loyalty points and rewards to shoppers. You can find the best places to shop by downloading an app.

Apps can also now be downloaded by shop owners to work on “smart” payment devices that will enable retailers to make the shopping experience better for every consumer. Less queuing means cleaner and safer environments. QR code scanning means we can order food and drinks from a pub garden, or even from your own.

Secure Payment Solutions offers technology solutions that will help small retailers and merchants to offer a faster, cleaner shopping experience to their customers. Whether customers want to buy from you in person or remotely. This will help community shops to compete with large corporates in the ever changing and highly competitive retail environment.

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