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The Importance of our Brand at Secure Payment Solutions

You really don’t want your brand to look like something from the Noughties!

Secure Payment Solutions was incorporated 6 years ago. It was time for a bit of a brand refresh, so here it is!

I want to share why it is so important to update a business’ brand and visual identity regularly.  I also want to talk about some of the thinking behind Secure Payment Solutions’ most recent brand refresh.

This rationale can be summarised in 2 key headings…

Targeted Communications

I’ve got an idea for what we’re good at after running Secure Payment Solutions for six years. Meaning I know where we can add most value. This results in very genuine and long-term, mutually profitable business relationships.

Analysing our existing customer base demonstrated to me that we at Secure Payment Solutions should target 3 very specific markets. I have also decided to have a punt on another category that is closely related to, yet also quite uniquely different, from one of those 3. Namely the takeaway market. Its just so ripe for innovation using technology that we can affordably deliver.

The benefit for us is that we can come up with campaigns and materials that are specifically targeted at those sectors. It is important to make people working in those sectors feel that our proposition is very much “for them”. Which it is.

Maybe I’m in danger of giving the impression that this is an exercise in smoke and mirrors. Or not based on anything that we can actually deliver. Well this is not all the case, it’s just being a provider of Merchant Services solutions means that we have literally hundreds of products and services at our disposal that are associated with the overall proposition. Also, working closely with my network of contacts means that Secure Payment Solutions can deliver many associated and complimentary services. So we are now in a position to offer a highly targeted, hand-picked range of services that will deliver genuine benefit to those sectors.

This is something that Banks, ISO’s and Service Providers just cannot offer.

Making a Positive First Impression

“You Don’t Get A Second Chance to Make a First Impression”.  It’s a favourite phrase of mine simply because I so fervently believe it to be so. I also know that it is even more significant in business than anywhere else.

In a face-to-face context, the implications are obvious. Look clean, smart and tidy, shake a person’s hand and look them in the eye with a smile as you greet them by name.

But sometimes we overlook the fact that the very same principles apply in the Digital World. Don’t forget that your brand may be “greeting” people literally thousands of times a second. So just as I wouldn’t dream of going to a meeting looking like something out of the “Likely Lads” (a 70’s TV reference for any Millennials reading this), nor should a brand be representing itself in any media with an identity that clearly hasn’t been revisited for years.

This seems to me to be especially important for a relatively new or growing brand. This is because a brand can be “meeting” new people and businesses hundreds or even thousands times a second. Also, many of the people that your brand is greeting are likely to be of a completely different generation to the people who manage it. Be acutely aware that such people are likely to be much more accustomed to, even expectant, of change than we are. So a visual identity that looks remotely out-of-date will turn them off quickly and encourage them to move on without giving you a second thought.

Never forget that you are only ever one click away from being ignored in the Digital Age.

If you have questions or comments please do so here or give us a call. My name is Richard Dickety and I am the MD and Founder of Secure Payment Solutions.