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Value Through Integrity

The transparency of our offering and the quality of the solutions we provide is of paramount importance to us. Only by treating our customers well will we achieve long-term value for us both

Inspired by Technology

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Used well, technology inspires positive change through greater knowledge, understanding and empowerment. We help customers to achieve all of its benefits

Working in Partnership

SPS works with multiple vendors to ensure that billing is clarified, and savings are maximised. We work with our customers in the same way as our vendor partners to achieve long-term value for clients

Who Are We

Secure Payment Solutions is the trading name of Carefree Consultancy Limited. We are based near Sevenoaks in Kent. As a small independent agent, we are able to work with multiple service providers and card acquirers in the Merchant Services sector to provide clarity and fairness in a marketplace that is not always known for the same.

We are subject matter experts and we can provide comparison services relating to what you pay for both card payment processing, and your wider banking costs and charges. We can also provide the simplest of card readers through to complex EPoS systems for multi-site retail businesses.

Our philosophy is simple. Nobody works for free. We are in business to make money, and for a fair profit. But at the same time we want to be open, honest and transparent with our customers.

Secure Payment Solutions exists because we want to help you to maximise your cash-flow, whilst minimising bad-debt, by giving you the flexibility to ask for and to take payments in the most convenient way and at the best time possible for you and your customers.

Technology is at the heart of all of our solutions, and is designed to help you to take control of your cash-flow. Whether this means helping you to understand exactly what payments have been made so far today, or just sending out a quick text reminder to someone who may be a couple of days late in making a payment… we aim to give that control firmly back to you.



What Our Customers Say

"I was looking for an online payment solution for our members. I wanted something that was easily accessible. It was smooth, it was seamless but more than that it was around the personal service. We needed some hand-holding"

Lucy Cameron - Director

Business Growth Kent Ltd

BNI Kent Franchise Owner


Secure Payment Solutions empowers business owners to save money on card processing charges by providing clear insight and better solutions, so they can stop wasting money on banking fees and be confident they are maximising their profits.

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