A Debit Card Made From 75% Recycled Materials! The Payments Industry Continues to Do Its Bit

The card payment industry is at the forefront of the movement to cut carbon emissions and needless landfill.

Especially with the high uptake of contactless card payments being made via a mobile device or e-Commerce. But…

A piece of plastic is still issued by a bank or card issuer to allow consumers to make a payment. Even though said piece of plastic spends most of its working life sitting in a wallet. Many people rely on their payment apps nowadays so there is often no need to even to take it out.

Sadly though, we’re a long way from being sent a secure link to download our latest credit or debit card.

To then be seamlessly integrated into our favourite payment app or mobile wallet. Until that happens, plastic cards will continue to be made and distributed. Even if their day-to-day usage is clearly diminishing.

But to continue to push the whole Green initiative forward, UK based Starling Bank has recently introduced a new plastic debit card.

75% of it is made from recycled plastic (rPVC). This material is made from recycled EU industrial waste from the printing and packaging industries.

As it stands, 97 million debit cards are currently in circulation and they are all made from first use PVC.

According to Starling’s quoted figures, with each Kilo of rPVC replacing an equivalent amount of new PVC, 2 kilos of CO2 is saved for each kilo of material being used.

It is hoped that with Starling making this initial move in the UK, others will follow suit across the globe.

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