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2 UK Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Way in Making Payments Greener

We all want to be climate-friendly consumers, right? So, would you like to understand the impact that your spending is having on the environment?

Well now you can! Thanks to a UK start-up that has spent years developing a very clever app which you can sign-up for using the link below. Moreover, your carbon footprint will automatically be off-set by a tree-planting scheme in Scotland.

What is Tred?

The start-up is called Tred. Owners of a Tred card will be given a debit card that is made completely from ocean recycled plastic. The app will then track their spending-based carbon output. The number of people who have registered for one of these cards has doubled in 2021 alone.

How Does It Work?

Co-founders Peter Kirby and Will Smith have developed this amazing app using Crowdfunding. It will deliver detailed reports to card-holders of the carbon emissions that have been generated by their spending. For example, over-indulgence on fashion-led items will be highlighted. Because fashion items have a short-shelf life and may well end up in landfill very quickly.

Spending Will Link to Trees Being Planted in Scotland

The app then connects users reports to a subscription-based service. This service will re-invest money from the user into a certified tree planting scheme in Scotland. The subscription spend will be capped at £20 per month. Typically it is anticipated that this will be somewhere between £10-15 per user.

Those with the greenest footprints will have additional bonus tress planted by the scheme.

Sign Up

For more detail or to sign up for Tred, please follow these links…

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