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  • Are your Card Process Charges Confusing?

    Do you struggle to understand the charges and know if you are getting a good deal?

  • Worried you're wasting money on excessive charges?

    Do you feel frustrated that you can’t work out if you are paying too much?

  • Feel like you have no control over of your credit card charges?

    Is this starting to affect your profitability as your business grows? 

You deserve clear and transparent charges so you can get the best deal

Save Over 50% on Card Processing Costs

We've been analysing business bills for over 15 years. We'll show you how to save money.

We Analyse All of your Card Processing and Banking Bills

Rest easy with line by line analysis, the best rates and no jargon. Just leave it to us.

Stay in Control of your Bills and Your Business

SPS's regular review process means you will always understand what you are paying for.

Feeling The Pain of Excessive Charges?

We get it. We’re business owners too and understand how frustrating it can be to pay over the odds without realising.

That’s why we help people make sense of their charges so they can renegotiate a better deal or even switch to a new provider.

We’ve been helping our customers get the best deals for more than 15 years. We understand the system - and the endless jargon.

We analyse your bills and provide a jargon-free report so you can see exactly what you are paying for. And we help you make like-for-like comparisons against other providers, reducing card processing payments by more than 50%.

We offer a personal service so you’re never left hanging on the end of a call centre phone line waiting for help.

What Our Customers Say

"I was looking for an online payment solution for our members. I wanted something that was easily accessible. It was smooth, it was seamless but more than that it was around the personal service. We needed some hand-holding."

Lucy Cameron - Director

Business Growth Kent Ltd

BNI Kent Franchise Owner


Secure Payment Solutions empowers business owners to save money on card processing charges by providing clear insight and better solutions, so they can stop wasting money on banking fees and be confident they are maximising their profits.

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